I'm Love Doctor Dave.

I've been in the singles business since 1983, when I -
along with friend Steve - founded 'Calculated Couples',
each week matching hundreds of singles in a fun,
friendly party environment.
Well, 51 cities and all these years later, I'm still in the love business. Along
the way, after meeting (and matching) over 100,000 singles, I had heard
enough about the do's and dont's of being a single to fill a book... so I did!
My singles consumer guidebook, "Have I got a match for you!", is featured
elsewhere on this site.
I've done hundreds of radio shows, lots of fun TV and talk shows (including
Oprah and Donahue), and have appeared in print from the New York Times
to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Now I give advice to singles, and consult with other groups.

I want everyone to meet someone, and I want them to achieve this it without
getting hurt.

As I always say...
"Find yourself a match ...without getting burned!"
Recently, I added the title of
'Ordained Minister' to my
'Love Doctor' status, so if
you meet someone and are
planning a wedding...
contact me!

Love Dr Dave
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