Written in cooperation with
Attorneys General nationwide!

Have I got a match for you! includes:
How to save money when joining a service
How to spot dishonest companies
Laws regarding the singles service industry
Where to turn for consumer help
Personal ad tips and advice
AIDS information
State-by-state marital statistics

"Dave takes a breezy, chatty tone throughout,
which makes the book an easy read, as well
as a useful resource. If you're new to single
life, this book will provide you with some
valuable defensive tools... 'Have I got a
match for you!'
will certainly save you money
- and maybe even heartache."
- Janet Jacobsen,
President, Singles Press Association
158 Pages $10.95 retail
ISBN# 0-9644424-1-8
The first printing is now sold out. Watch for
my second book arriving sometime in 2015!

- Dave

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